ilegal mezcal | lemon | watermelon shrub | mint | cilantro | tajin

*smoked to perfection

smoke any of our barrel aged cocktails table side for an additional $5

the carousel

cocktail flight containing 1oz pour of each of our barrel aged classics


knob creek rye | antica carpano sweet vermouth | peychaud’s aperitivo | luxardo bitter bianco

old fashioned

makers mark bourbon | aromatic bitters | orange bitters

viuex carre

bulliet rye | hennessy vs | antica carpano sweet vermouth | aromatic bitters | peychaud’s bitters

cocktail roulette

bartender’s creation of the day!

nightmare in paradise

don q white rum | lime | pineapple | orange peychaud’s bitters

sedona sunburn

basic vodka | luxardo maraschino cherry liqueur | lime | mint | strawberry

mistress in monaco

hendricks gin | lemon | basil | cucumber | s&p